Editing film photos, a cardinal sin?

So I airbrushed them out, as you can see from second image above, which is the straight from scan edit. Clearly its helped the photo become a better image, although it obviously reflects a dubious reality. Is airbrushing out the people really any…
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Norfolk with the Nikon F4 and TMax 400

The dunes at Winterton-on-sea are also a good visit, and has a very nice little cafe right by them. As you can see from the sand photograph above, not closing the eyepiece shutter for a long exposure diminished and even ruined a few photos. The shutter…
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Nikon F4 Review: Landscape Photography

As for the trip, Gran Canaria proved once again fertile ground to scratch my landscape photography itch, and the F4 was a good companion to capture it.
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Folding Camera Finds

The testing of the Ikona 521 and long exposures with both of these cameras will have to wait unfortunately, but at least the forgotten images from 9 month prior came out ok!
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Tri-X and a Nikon F

Tri-X is a classic B&W film stock yet its not one that I have used extensively. My go to for some time now has been TMax 400 and before that I used Ilford stocks relatively frequently which are a little cheaper here in the UK. The history of Tri-X goes…
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