Its been 10 years since photography became a passion of mine and I thought looking back at that journey would be a good first post to begin with on this new blog.

Its fair to say that when I picked up my first camera I didn't really have any real idea or direction of what I wanted to achieve with photography. I started just capturing snapshots of trips and other moments in my life, but soon got hooked and started focusing on particular types of photography. University was a great time to get into photography; the student newspaper gave me an opportunity to try out shooting sports and concerts. It gave me an appreciation of just how technically hard these two genres are, even with some professional gear (borrowed from the student photo society).

By now I think I've now realised that photographing people, whether portraits or street are also not something I particularly enjoy. I do still try the latter when out and about but to say the results are mixed might be a bit too generous at the moment. In some future posts I'll do a recap of my top 5 favourite images of each photography genre I've tried my hands at.

So looking through my images of the last 10 years, what do I enjoy most? Landscapes. Nature to me offers the best subject, and the process of capturing these images in visiting spectacular locations is a large part of this. Looking forward I want to make more of an effort in planning my trips to be landscape orientated, and this will start in a couple of weeks in Scotland. I also want to record more my planning on this blog so I can refer back to it later and maybe help others in their plans.