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Its always fun to try a new camera and after reading some inspiring commentary of the Spotmatic online I decided to pick one up to try out. Its got classic 70s looks and is lightweight despite being of metal construct. I got the body and 35mm Super Takumar lens separately off eBay for around £40 in total.

It took far too long to get through a roll of film which was split between a weekend in Rome and one in London with my Family. Its amazing how hard it can be to get through 36 frames!

Now for the review: the first thing I noticed was the microprism focussing screen, which I did not find easy to focus. The finder is also far dimmer than my most comparable Nikon camera, the FM, and this made it less pleasing to use. Weight and size are very similar to the FM although the Spotmatic is around 40 grams lighter. The centre of gravity is quite different though when using 35mm lens as the Super Takumar is far lighter than the Nikkor and so therefore the weight sits more towards the body. Another thing I found quirky is the self timer as I did not realise the shutter release is not used to commence countdown. This led to a few wasted frames before I realised another button underneath the self timing crank needed to be used. Finally I personally do not rate the image quality of the Super Takumar 35mm f3.5 as highly as the Nikon 35mm f2.8 Ai.

Unfortunately, for me the Spotmatic is not a keeper, as I much prefer my Nikon FM. It also confirms that whilst trying out new cameras is fun, I'm very content with the Nikon SLR system I already own. That being said others clearly do really enjoy using the Spotmatic and if you want to try them they are cheap to pick up and find out for yourself!