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Cornwall, the toe of Great Britain, is a truly magical place of pastel colours. The blue sea and the rocky coast are sights to behold and the driving between destinations through small villages and farms makes you wonder how tranquil it must be to live around here. Well, except for the hordes of tourists, of which I was one.

St IvesCornwall (2018). Bronica SQA + 80mm f2.8 + Kodak Portra 400

This was only a long weekend trip with my wife and in-laws, but still somehow I managed to bring a whole bag of camera gear. I had such a good time using my Bronica the prior month in Scotland that I just had to take it. Then I also decided to take my D7100 resulting in a rather full backpack. I have a Kata split camera backpack where the bottom will fit in a DSLR an a few lenses whilst the top portion is open to take other items like books or a packed lunch. Unfortunately keeping the Bronica in the top compartment was a bad idea - one of the backs with still to be fully exposed opened during the journey home. It was my colour roll of Portra and I was sure I'd lost most of the shots (I'd taken 10 so had 2 left). I resolved to pay for its development anyway thinking that at least a few from the beginning would be ok. Turns out 8 were not affected which was a very nice surprise! For my forthcoming Iceland photo trip I have decided to upgrade to a Lowepro pro runner 450 which can take an incredible amount of gear and still fit (fingers crossed) as a carry-on.

Lands EndCornwall (2018). Bronica SQA + 150mm f3.5 + Kodak Portra 400

As with most trips traveling with non-photographers its a compromise in visiting locations good for photography but typically not at the best times of day. With my trusty "Photographing Cornwall and Devon" guide from the Fotovue series that had served me so well in Scotland I picked out some key coastal locations, my favourite being secluded Porth Naven, in contrast to the the touristy Lands End (which still has some epic rock formations in the sea) and the charming St Ives where we stayed in the fantastic Pedn Olva hotel (every room has a sea view!).

Porth NanvenCornwall (2018). Bronica SQA + 80mm f2.8 + Kodak Portra 400