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Did you know that you could easily use 35mm film with a Bronica SQ? In fact they made two 35mm backs: one denoted N for a normal 35mm frame and one denoted W for wide panoramic shots. Both of these are pretty expensive and the latter is rare enough that I have never seen one listed on eBay. I understand that these backs run the 35mm horizontal through the back and do not expose the sprocket holes.

220 backs however are far more plentiful (and cheaper!) due to the lack of native film available for these. However they also made a great candidate for using 35mm film (here is a great guide of how you can adapt a film reel to do this). Using this method the film travels vertically through the back, the same way a medium format roll would, which makes landscape shots a little awkward as you need to rotate the camera 90 degrees. The frame is nice and wide and I typically get 12-14 shots per roll of 35mm depending on how much film is wasted on the leader (as although I use a DIY paper leader taped to the film, I think my measurement is a bit off). With the waist level finder showing an inverted image this is really awkward, so I've found it best to use a prism finder and mount the camera on a tripod for landscape oriented shots. The other annoyance is that once the roll is finished, there is no rewind method, as this wasn't a requirement for 220 film, so it requires a dark bag to unload the film or at least open the back and rewind the 35mm canister. This method also exposes the whole film width, including sprocket holes, which depending on your point of view is excessively hipsterish (as someone pointed out to me on reddit) or very cool.

Whilst I haven't used this method excessively (after all I own a medium format camera to use medium format film) I did decide to try it out in an extra back I took on my Scotland trip with some expired Ilford Delta 100 which I'll post separately soon. I then went back to revisit some shots from when I had first moved to NYC in 2013. I was big on double exposures back then, as you can tell.