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Here are five images I particularly enjoy from my first visit to Iceland. All are taken with my Bronica SQ-A and Kodak Portra 400. You can see more in the full album here.

The sun is still bright in the sky with some gorgeous colours starting to come out at 9.30pm in Icleand and for the next hour or so I played a game of dodge the waves as I set up my tripod, tried to focus, and run back before the next wave got my trainers wet. When I first got this shot back I was disappointed that the focus was off and the ice block wasn't in razor sharp focus. As time has passed I've come to appreciate this photograph more because of the lack of sharpness - its precisely this, along with the cool colours of sunset, that give this image a dream-like character to me. 

When I saw this rock crawling out of the Reynisfjara black sand beach I was immediately reminded of this shot from Cornwall that I really enjoy. Although the colour palettes are completely different, in contrast to the first image, its the detail and sharpness of the image that pleases my eye. 

Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon is a remarkable place with many photo angles. The classic view of the river down the centre is cool, but in this shot I decided to try something more subtle. With the river positioned off left it draws my eye to focus first on the texture of the canyon walls.

Here is one of the few 'classic' Iceland shots I captured during the trip. I was at the location at the perfect time and with weather that cooperated. I just hoped I had the exposure right as I only took a couple of frames here! I'm pleased with how it turned out, and the portra 400 does a good job of capturing the tonal variations of the disappearing sun.

One objective I had for the trip, perhaps ambitiously, was to capture a puffin with the Bronica. When one was swept up onto Reynisfjara beach I couldn't believe my luck. The little puffin was happy just chilling on the beach for around 20 minutes, giving my ample time to set up my Bronica with the 250mm lens to get this shot.