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CitifieldNYC, 2018. Nikon F3 + Series E 50mm + Kodak TMax 400.
Padres v MetsNYC, 2018. Nikon F3 + Series E 50mm + Kodak TMax 400.

Accompanying me on a trip to NYC during July was my Nikon F3 loaded with some TMax 400. Despite living here for a couple of years and visiting numerous times since, there are still plenty of places I want to photograph here. I took the opportunity one evening to see the NY Mets beat the San Diego padres on one of the few dry evenings of the week. I'd seen a game here before and at that point I was interested in using a telephoto lens on my digital to get some images close to the action - I must have taken a couple hundred in machine gun mode. One of the things I like about using film is restraint in pressing the shutter. These two photos are enough for me to remember the occasion this time and I like how B&W brings out the texture in a very visually noisy stadium of brightly coloured advertisements. Both were shot with the 50mm series E lens but next time a wide and tele lens would also be fun to take.

Fulton Center ExteriorNYC, 2018. Nikon F3 + 20mm f4 + Kodak TMax 400.
Fulton CenterNYC, 2018. Nikon F3 + 20mm f4 + Kodak TMax 400.

The Fulton center was opened after I moved away from the city and hadn't visited since. I was keen to check out its distinctive architecture and scout out photographic opportunities. The bottom shot is about a stop underexposed from where I wanted it; as the day was so overcast I was actually struggling to get a decent f-stop and shutter speed to use on the Nikon 20mm f4 lens, which needs to be stopped down well for sharpness. Outside (top shot) was better - only a 1/3rd stop underexposed and I increased contrast and black levels a bit in Lightroom before export. This is a common theme for me with the F3 and I should really increase the exposure compensation I use by default with TMax 400.

FlatironNYC, 2018. Nikon F3 + 20mm f4 + Kodak TMax 400.

I quite like this last shot, even if it suffers from being a bit cluttered and with the hot dog seller being in more of a shadow than I'd like. I've tried many times now to photograph the Flatiron building as a backdrop for some street photography and never quite been able to get the shot I wanted. With this one its clear I should've got close to the hot dog stand to feature that more prominently in the foreground!