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The Canary Island archipelago, off the coast of north Africa, is a place I've visited many time since I was young. Synonymous with package holiday tourism it is not a place I ever really thought of much photographically, with the exception of once seeing an entry from the island in the Plant Life category of Wildlife Photographer of the Year. I knew from my last visit that the centre of the island was picturesque - I had hiked up to Roque Nublo and saw the panoramic views of thinly tree lined canyons from the summit. I regretted not taking more of a camera then, so this time I was determined to bring my Bronica along on this beach holiday.

Maspalomas is a typical resort town, but in addition to a beach covered with sunbathers, there are extensive sand dunes that arc and fall for some distance up to the sea. I arrived early in the morning, before eating breakfast, and soon as the sun rose the heat became intense. The sand, generously peppered with footprints, provided lots of fun compositions and works really well for black and white images. Despite pushing on for thirty minutes or so the heat got the better of me and I retreated back to the car to head home for some food.

I'd never been to the west side of the island before, so I headed off exiting the port town of Mogan on to the winding mountain roads. There were clouds and fog lingering over the core of the island, and luckily I found a turn out to stop to allow me in getting some images. I was glad to have brought my 250mm f5.6 lens to isolate a composition on the rock face of the intense detail faded out in the frame by the hanging fog. The trip concluded with a nice seafood lunch in Agaete and getting very lost as night set in, with the GPS navigation opting to route me away from the motorway and inland down steep single track roads.