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Oak Bluffs is a town that was planned for tourism, originally incorporated as "Cottage City" in reference to the mid-late 19th century cottages that adorn the town. I took my Nikon FE out with the second roll of Tri-X loaded since purchasing it. This film stock is becoming a favourite of mine over TMax 400, the grain is more lively and produces that great documentary feel that it is famous for. TMax is cleaner to me, which is no bad thing, but the grittier look of Tri-X is a rendering that I am currently enjoying alot. All of these were scanning with the Nikon LS-4000 at 4000dpi. Whilst I am constantly worried this old scanner will break down on me, the scans it produces has brought me back in wanting to use 35mm more as the quality is so much better than scanning 35mm on my Epson v500 flatbed.

A foggy morning promised a good opportunity to get out into town early, but alas I was a bit too slow and it cleared shortly after the above capture. Later I was drawn to the piers and rocky jetties for some long exposures with my recently ordered 52mm BW ND10x. In a rookie move I had bought an ND8 and in a moment of elusive knowledge I got it in my head this was a 8 stop filter. Of course its only a 3 stop blocker and so an order to B&H was required. On the upside I now have a full filter set in 52mm - perfect for my Nikons and their Ai lenses, and a 77mm set that I will continue to use primarily on my Bronica.