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The EdgeZeiss Ikon Nettar 517

Photography, as I am appreciating more and more, is less about capturing reality and more about conveying an idea or emotion. In its most abstract form an image that enables you to see something that you would not appreciate through the frame of real life. Whilst going back over my photography library in an effort to sort the wheat from the chaff, I was inspired by some of the more abstract images I've captured over the years. I've never properly started a project to follow a theme of structure or colour and so each of these are collected together only with some hindsight.

The first image is the corner of a building near Kings College's library in London. I'm not sure what inspired me to take the shot, it was an anonymous building where an interesting angle caught my eye. The way the colours have rendered - simple brown, white and blue with a nice shadow emphasising the 3D effect has stuck with me. The final two are more muted in their palette and are captures of two famous landmarks - the Bullring in Birmingham and the Guggenheim in New York. The Guggenheim is not a shot that I took much notice of at the time, I marked it down as an idea I did not fully execute. However some 4 years later I saw some hope that cropping the image would make it more impactful, which with the relatively large 6x6 negative I had plenty of room to maneuver. The composition is now more pleasing but its the subtle details in the marks on the paintwork that draws me in as my eye lingers. As for the Bullring image, its a building hard not to get a good image from. What I like about this particular image is the grey nature of the day created conditions where the colour is so muted and subtle that it is these minor details that draws my interest every time I see it.

The GuggenheimBronica SQA + 80mm f2.8 + Fuji Reala
The BullringBronica SQA + 80mm f2.8 + Fuji 400H

Abstract themes is something I should try explore more in the future, especially living in a city, and I would do well to think of a theme to help create a series of images rather than images in isolation that I try to group together after the fact.