May 2020

2nd Roll: Fuji GS645W HP5 Pushed 3200

Pritchards Road, E2Fuji GS645W + Ilford HP5 pushed 3200 (London, 2020)

This is a roll I shot a few weeks before the UK implemented its COVID lockdown, shortly after which I made sure to stock up on some home development equiptment to ensure I could process the backlog of film I'd been waiting to send to the lab. Developing two rolls of 120 at a time is a game changer, and it was well worth investing in a bigger Patterson tank to do this. I'd only every shot Ilford Delta 3200 and Kodak TMax 3200 before so I was interested to see how HP5 pushed compared. These shots have come out with lovely contrast, helped I'm sure by the yellow filter that was on most of these shots. I expected the grain to be far more prominent and its remarkable that its not a huge feature of these images. Admittedly most were shot in relatively bright conditions but still 3200 is much less in your face in medium format compared to the grainfest you get on 35mm. The GS645W was a pleasure to use, lightweight to carry and almost all of the shots are in the camera's default portrait orientation. This feature makes it a nice change from my other cameras and leads me to capture images i wouldn't have bothered with otherwise. The scale focus and wide angle puts you in more of a point and shoot mentality which makes using the camera a bit more impulsive than when I use my SLRs.

Meander in Waterlow ParkFuji GS645W + Ilford HP5 pushed 3200 (London, 2020)
Meander in Highgate New Town EstateFuji GS645W + Ilford HP5 pushed 3200 (London, 2020)
Highgate New TownFuji GS645W + Ilford HP5 pushed 3200 (London, 2020)